Too connected and so alone

We are all connected through technology and other modern inventions, yet we are all so alone. What happened to connections and real, intense care for one another?

We used to rely and put our trust in others in order to survive. Now we rely on Amazon Prime and Uber Eats. Our sense of partnership and connection has changed. Americans go from their house, to their car, to their cubical, back to their car, then back home. We are so focused on being successful and wealthy that we forget how much our happiness matters.


There is no lack of information about others… We can find anything we want about someone on social media. You will for sure know that the rate of robberies has increased in New York City because of the news, but you will not know about the school play going on next weekend a mile from your front door. We spend a lot of our energy consuming news and media about strangers. You probably know more about a certain celebrity than you know about people you spend your time with. Instead of listening to other people and really trying to understand others, we put up walls against anyone who does not view life the same as us. 

In my opinion, real connection is necessary for happiness. Feeling like someone cares about you is vital for security in your life. We used to trust others to help us survive when we were running low on food or other resources necessary for survival. How many people could you truly rely on? 

Trying to create a sense of community can be hard, but I challenge you to focus on creating and sustaining real, close connections. Most Americans spend an average of 5 hours on their phones, take 15 minutes of that time and try to talk to someone new each day! 


I challenge you to push outside your comfort zone and try to create connections with others. You never know what people are going through and who needs someone to just listen to them. Real connections matter.