Optimize your hike

I spent the past weekend hiking by myself in Leavenworth, WA. My mind and body feel at ease when I am surrounded by mountains, birds chirping, and rushing water. It was so nice to be with nature and focus on my breathe. Nature always reminds me what truly matters.


Through reading books, personal exploration, and studying, I have learned these 7 hacks when it comes to hiking.

  1. Use AllTrails

I absolutely LOVE this app! It is great for finding hikes, looking at reviews of hikes, and for finding the trail head. The best feature of this app is that it has a map of the hike you are going on and you can record your trail. It has saved me a few times when I have wondered off trail! You can also get awesome stats about the hikes you complete!


2. Nose breathe while you are hiking

After reading the book Oxygen Advantage by Patrick McKeown, I realized the importance of nose breathing. When I hike alone, I really focus on nose breathing as much as possible. Focus on breathing less and slowing the breathe down. I really recommend the book Oxygen Advantage to learn more about how nose breathing improves oxygen uptake. Here is a list of the reasons nose breathing is so beneficial. I practice nose breathing as long as I can while hiking. When I am getting into higher elevations, mouth breathing becomes necessary but it is a good challenge to push myself with controlling my breathe.

3. Ground yourself with the earth

Grounding is such an important thing that many humans are missing in their life. See my detailed blog post on Earthing here. I am so passionate about utilizing Earth’s healing powers. Connecting with the earth will benefit you in so many ways!

4. Hike with no headphones or music playing

Hiking with headphones in is incredibly dangerous! You cannot hear if anything is coming up behind you, or listen for animals in the trees beside you. Often times, I see large groups playing their speakers really loud along the trail. This can be disrespectful to other people hiking, and this also interferes with natures own sounds. Hike as quiet as possible and really listen to the sounds of nature. Our bodies are influenced by different sound vibrations and hearing the true, raw sounds of the universe will make your body feel amazing.

5. Bring the correct equipment

Depending on how long your hike is you will need to bring different equipment

Less than 1 hour- I would just suggest you have a bottle of water and I also suggest good hiking shoes.

Longer than 1 hour- 10 hours

Water: I suggest having a bag that has a reservoir in it. This means that your bag has a spot to put a water holder in it that can hold 2-3 Liter of water. These are often called hydration packs! It is important to have enough water for your hike. Brands I like are Osprey and Gregory. I suggest a 14 liter bag for shorter day hikes and a 28 liter bag for longer day hikes!

Shoes: Two brands of shoes I like are Oboz and Merrell.

Gear in your backpack: (this is all dependent on how long your hikes are, I carry all of this with me on any hike I do) I suggest always having a flashlight or a headlight. Food for your hike, napkins or kleenex, day pack first aid kit, mace, a small knife, portable phone charger, athletic tape for wrapping ankles, good sandals (in case something happens to your shoes, light to carry), extra layers if the weather is going to be cold and poles if the hike is steep.

6. Enjoy the water on the trail

If there is a lake at your destination, cold plunge into the lake! There are so many benefits of cold water therapy. Wim Hof is a great leader in this practice! If there are streams or creeks on the trail, dont be afraid to touch and play in the water. Do not drink the water unless you have a life straw (something I love). Running your fingers or stepping your feet in the water is so refreshing and has many hidden benefits for you to enjoy.


7. Be with someone you trust

I love hiking alone (make sure to tell someone where you are going) but I also love hiking with friends. You always want to make sure that you are all on the same page with every hike you are doing. If it is a challenging hike, it is responsible to make sure everyone has proper gear for the journey. Something can even go wrong on a short 1 mile hike, so it is crucial to trust the people you explore nature with.

Hiking makes me so happy! I am always trying to learn more and climb higher mountains! Reach out if you want any more advice or help with finding gear or a hike near you!

Love hard and stay wild




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Higher Vibrations




We are all energy. We are all technically light energy. The world has an energetic field that every thing is a part of.

Every thought, emotion, and action you perform has energy. Depending on what it is, it is either bringing your energetic field higher or lower. I strive to vibrate at a high frequency. I strive to have such a strong energetic field that those around me are pulled upward.

So many people are stuck at a lower frequency. Do you ever meet someone and everything that comes out of their mouth is negative? The weather is never good enough for them. Their partner is never doing the right things to make them happy. They are their own worse enemy. These people can suck others down, they can create a low frequency in everything they do.

I always pray for these people. Their brains and energy are being pulled down and stuck at a lower frequency.

You cannot be angry and optimal at the same time. You cannot think badly of other people and have no negative health effects. You cannot live in pessimistic patterning and create beneficial change in yourself or the world.

When you think a hateful thing to someone else, you are really thinking a hateful thing toward yourself. We are all connected on this energy field. If you help someone out, smile to a stranger, or let a car in front of you, you create high vibrations.

Optimize your energy field. Together, we can create higher vibrations throughout Earth. I believe in my heart that higher vibrations and light can destroy darkness and hate.

If you are not connected with yourself and your energy, you see the control being outside of yourself. The power to change yourself is within you.

You must connect with yourself and your own energy. Feel yourself being pulled up or down in response to your thoughts, actions, or environment. When you become more friendly with yourself and others, life becomes more friendly to you. With each breathe, inhale lightness and exhale darkness.

Be kind to yourself, to others, and the Earth. The universe is our friend. Nature is our healer. Be vulnerable and open to new experiences.

Remaining in your rigid believes or energy field will only result in detrimental consequences for yourself and the collective energy we all share.

The more negativity you release, the less friction there is on your energy.

Let’s come together and bring up the vibrations of the Earth. 🥰💕🌸💫

A prayer to repeat to yourself or a guide to create your own 🙂


Dear Universe/Divine Spirit/God/Trees/Water/Air,

Please help guide us in our own power to help heal the collective energy. Protect me and all I love from the darkness in the world. Help me spread love and peace to myself and to others. Thank you Universe for the moon, the sun, the clouds, and the mountains. Thank you for my breathe and my ability to walk, see, and hear all of your beauty! Please bring love and compassion to whatever energy comes into my field. May peace prevail!!

Earthing from my heart

Walking through the dirt path covered in loosely torn up rocks, stepping over branches and roots of trees that are hundreds of years old, I take a deep breathe of fresh air and feel at ease. The comfort of nature and the world is undeniably present.


The earth has amazing benefits and healing properties for all to utilize. I have been diving deep into research and self-exploration of something I feel true in my heart. Nature is our one healer and going without her is causing harm to our internal beings.



The first study I will present on this topic demonstrates the earth’s effects on sleep, pain immune response, and takes a deeper look at the physiology.

In one of the studies discussed, subjects reported poor quality of sleep. They were instructed to sleep on the ground for 8 weeks. Results showed a normalization of cortisol levels, reports of better quality of sleep and decreased stress.

The earth helps optimize the immune system to prevent the onset of illness and fight off inflammation once it has manifested in the individual. Specifically, grounding an organism produces measurable differences in the concentrations of white blood cells (see photo), cytokines, and other molecules involved in the inflammatory response.^1 

Screenshot 2020-04-22 12.17.30

On a more physiological level looking at cell longevity, mobile electrons from the earth enter the body and act as natural antioxidants. In our cells, we want to have antioxidants to protect us from ROS (reactive oxygen species) which create an environment that is not beneficial for cell life. The diagram below is a broad explanation of this concept. 

Screenshot 2020-04-23 11.03.53

The electrons from the earth can maintain an antioxidant environment around an injury which slows or prevents reactive oxygen species from accumulating or surviving.

In one of my favorite books, Energy Medicine by C. Norman Shealy, the earth is discussed as being able to shield away and prevent the build up of electrical stress. The author reiterates something I am very passionate about “…the physical body has specific purposes, these purposes are carried out when the environment is optimal physically, mentally, emotionally, electromagnetically and chemically.”



The health and happiness of your body is related to everything and all things in your reality or external stimulus.


Time outside can produce benefits in your life, reduce negative emotions, and also improve cellular functioning.2

Nature and the benefits of earth are free for all who want them. You do not have to give anything to the earth and she gives all of her healing benefits to you.


I feel it in my heart that the earth has healing properties waiting for you to tap into. You can read research and see all the proven benefits, or you can go experience it first hand and see how you feel.

Swaying through the trails engulfed by something so real, I feel alive and free almost like a gust of wind. The chirps and sings of the birds creates a response of joy in my soul. The fresh, pure air, fills my lungs with clean breathe. My hands can absorb how strong and wise the trees are with every touch. Trees are one of the longest living organisms on Earth, we can learn a lot from them. The earth is unbelievably raw and open. You can be open and completely yourself in nature and absorb the light energy to share with others.



I hope you enjoy earth everyday with respect and love.


From deep in my heart to you, I hope you find some happiness in your world.


1. Oschman, James L et al. “The effects of grounding (earthing) on inflammation, the immune response, wound healing, and prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.” Journal of inflammation research vol. 8 83-96. 24 Mar. 2015, doi:10.2147/JIR.S69656

2.Kerr, Jacqueline et al. “The relationship between outdoor activity and health in older adults using GPS.” International journal of environmental research and public health vol. 9,12 (2012): 4615-25. doi:10.3390/ijerph9124615

Optimize your health by becoming more alkaline

I am always trying to learn more about ways in which we can become healthier and live disease free.  Recently, I have been studying a lot about the pH of our bodies and how they effect health.

The pH of your body is the acid-base balance that the body likes to maintain. Alkalinity means that the body has pH higher that 7. The human body is sightly alkaline with a blood pH around 7.4.Why our Body needs to be Alkaline.

If the body drops to a more acidic pH and is not returned to homeostasis through processes in the body, the cells of the body have a decreased ability to produce energy in the mitochondria.

Even a small shift towards being more acidic results in the impaired function of the electron transport chain which results in less energy production. This state of the body also results in a decreased supply of oxygen available which impairs the cells ability to repair and replenish themselves.

The low- oxygen environment associated with acidosis (a lower pH in the body)  promotes growth of harmful microorganisms! The body’s immune system works the best in a narrow pH range. Acid- alkaline imbalances can weaken the body’s ability to ward off infectious microorganisms. The decreases oxygen state enables microorganisms that previously would not cause harm to become pathogenic.

As you can see, the body works the best in an alkaline state. Here are ways to promote this state and optimize your health.

1.Reduce Stress 

Stress in the body results in an increased production of acid. This hyper-acidic environment results in many detrimental things: one of them being inflammation. Our bodies are so strong and can maintain homeostasis if the stress is managed and not too excessive. However, unmanaged, chronic stress is extremely detrimental. The hyper-acidic environment that too much stress causes, allows microorganisms to thrive.

To reduce stress I recommend removing tension from the body. Here are some tips to reduce stress:


My last tip to reduce stress is to truly only focus on things you can control. Focusing all of your attention on becoming the healthiest person you can is one of the things you have a lot of control over. Quieting down your external environment will in return quiet down your internal environment.


2. Eating

While we have evolved several buffering systems to balance our pH when we consume acid-producing foods, eating too many and not enough alkaline-producing foods makes it even harder to achieve pH homeostasis. A quote from one of my favorite books, The Primal Blueprint , ” As you might guess, heavily processed foods, sugars, grains, deep-fried foods, alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, carbonated drinks and artificial sweeteners are acid-forming in the body, a precursor to many health problems and diseases. In contrast, by eating sufficient amounts of alkaline-forming foods- vegetables, local fruits, nuts, and seeds- you optimize your acid/base balance and improve metabolism to burn fat, build muscle, and reduce your susceptibility to environmental and dietary toxins.”

3. Appropriate exercise

Exercise impacts the body’s pH levels in various changes that can often be buffered by systems in the body. However, exercising at extremely high heart rate zones for extended periods of time results in a flood of stress hormones in to the bloodstream.  I am not saying that high intensity exercise is bad, I think there is a time and place for it. However, if the goal is to reduce all stress and inflammation in the body and keep our bodies more alkaline, then optimal heart rate zones are 55-75% HR max. To make this easier, to ensure you are not in too high of a heart rate zone, make sure you can still speak sentences when you are exercising.  I would suggest walking, hiking, cycling or just finding ways to move more often. Low-level exercise for longer duration promotes stronger capillaries (blood vessels) which provide oxygen and fuel to each muscle cell.

All in all, find things that make your body feel good and do more of those things. Most humans intuitively know that eating 10 cookies and drinking 3 beers does not make them feel good. Be smart with your decisions and focus on promoting optimal health!

Reach out if you would like a more personalized approach to this topic!

Stay fit, strong, healthy and happy !


Em ❤









Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson


Staying positive

I recently turned 22 years old! I am an Aries, which if you know much about horoscopes and my personality, you would agree, my sign fits me quite well! I am competitive, ambitious, and VERY optimistic. 

Senior Emily Werner Asia Croson Photography SLO SEnior Photographer (28 of 60) 2

In my twenty two years on Earth, I have experienced open heart surgery, tragedy, and the death of people close to me.

I have also experienced miracles, beauty in my surroundings, and more blessings and opportunities than I ever imagined.

Throughout my life, I try to always remain positive. Being negative does nothing for my soul. Having a negative attitude toward things will only make the situations worse. I am a firm believer in the power of a positive mind. We seem to forget  that we are in control of our reactions to stimulus we encounter.


If something bad happens to you, what do you do? Do you complain and pout and make the situation worse? Or do you try to learn from it, become a better person, and move on?

Even though life can be unfair, being able to say you can breathe on your own, walk on your own, and speak on your own, means you are blessed. I challenge you to truly think hard about the way you react to stimulus in your life. Take a deep breathe and realize that you are in control of your emotions.