Higher Vibrations




We are all energy. We are all technically light energy. The world has an energetic field that every thing is a part of.

Every thought, emotion, and action you perform has energy. Depending on what it is, it is either bringing your energetic field higher or lower. I strive to vibrate at a high frequency. I strive to have such a strong energetic field that those around me are pulled upward.

So many people are stuck at a lower frequency. Do you ever meet someone and everything that comes out of their mouth is negative? The weather is never good enough for them. Their partner is never doing the right things to make them happy. They are their own worse enemy. These people can suck others down, they can create a low frequency in everything they do.

I always pray for these people. Their brains and energy are being pulled down and stuck at a lower frequency.

You cannot be angry and optimal at the same time. You cannot think badly of other people and have no negative health effects. You cannot live in pessimistic patterning and create beneficial change in yourself or the world.

When you think a hateful thing to someone else, you are really thinking a hateful thing toward yourself. We are all connected on this energy field. If you help someone out, smile to a stranger, or let a car in front of you, you create high vibrations.

Optimize your energy field. Together, we can create higher vibrations throughout Earth. I believe in my heart that higher vibrations and light can destroy darkness and hate.

If you are not connected with yourself and your energy, you see the control being outside of yourself. The power to change yourself is within you.

You must connect with yourself and your own energy. Feel yourself being pulled up or down in response to your thoughts, actions, or environment. When you become more friendly with yourself and others, life becomes more friendly to you. With each breathe, inhale lightness and exhale darkness.

Be kind to yourself, to others, and the Earth. The universe is our friend. Nature is our healer. Be vulnerable and open to new experiences.

Remaining in your rigid believes or energy field will only result in detrimental consequences for yourself and the collective energy we all share.

The more negativity you release, the less friction there is on your energy.

Let’s come together and bring up the vibrations of the Earth. 🥰💕🌸💫

A prayer to repeat to yourself or a guide to create your own 🙂


Dear Universe/Divine Spirit/God/Trees/Water/Air,

Please help guide us in our own power to help heal the collective energy. Protect me and all I love from the darkness in the world. Help me spread love and peace to myself and to others. Thank you Universe for the moon, the sun, the clouds, and the mountains. Thank you for my breathe and my ability to walk, see, and hear all of your beauty! Please bring love and compassion to whatever energy comes into my field. May peace prevail!!